Travel? Why you should definitely do it !

Do you have this little voice at the back of your head telling you that you should just go and discover what is just out there? Usually your answers to this voice are « it is not the good time, maybe later », « I have no money » or « I have a good situation; good job, good place to live, I will miss my family too much, etc. ».

We know that traveling and be abroad for so long is not made for everyone. But if you feel you should do it deep inside you, just do it! Life is too short!


While traveling on your own, your learn so much about yourself. You can totally be yourself; you start your journey without your « home background », people knowing you for ages. Sometimes it can be a relief, sort of freedom! No one has prejudice about you.

You also has to get out of your boundaries to meet people, to find a job, a place to live or just to arrive at the airport and pass the border control. Now Alex and I feel more confident and proud about ourself. Everything seems possible if you truly want it ! And that’s awesome; every door seems to be opened to us !

For me, the most important thing about traveling is to get inspiration. Creation is a big part of my career life. I don’t know yet what exactly I am going to do with my professional life but I know I want to create.

We, both of us, like to taste new food, see new things, share with new people and do new activities. The feeling of tasting something unexpected, something you never did before is awesome !

All this fresh experiences give us ideas, concepts. We don’t know yet which project we are going to choose at the end but since we are on the road, we have so many different life plans.

We learned what really matters to us. First of all is we own too many cloth, shoes, things. Few days before the departure day, you have to decide what to take or not with you. That can be tough especially if like Alex and I you really like to dress up… We still have days where we say to ourself « Shit! I should have taken this jacket! ». Secondly, you feel what and who you miss from home. Moreover you compare home with the rest of the world and you see all the positive (and negative) things you have there like the weather.


To conclude this short article, just jump and do it ! You have no excuse. It is really easy to save money and just leave. You won’t regret it.

Have a nice Sunday guys, Alex and Emeline

PS: Next article is going to be about travel in couple, so stay tuned !

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