Our top 5 restaurants « brasserie » in Brussels

Today we are sharing with you our 5 favorite “brasserie” restaurants in Brussels. 5 different atmospheres, 5 reasons to go out, enjoy food and have a good time !

  • MONI – Cantina Gastronomica is, at the moment, my favorite place to eat in Brussels. « Moni » means « now » in Italian. It may due to this philosophy that I really like this place; enjoy the present moment! You go there to eat Italian food. We advice you to try the whole octopus, one of the greats dish of the house. After stewing for hours in the tomato sauce, it serves with crushed wheat and chicory. It is a delight !
  • Situated in the nice area of place Falgey, you go to « Le varietes » to eat good meat. This restaurant is described as a rotisserie but we really like the steak and the seafood risotto. It also has a nice selection of wines. If you like the 60’s/70’s, you are going to like the athmosphere of this place !
  • Bottega della pizza is our favorite place to eat a pizza ! The base is fine, tasty and melts in mouth. All the products used for the top are fresh, Italian and succulent. Even if the place is nothing extraordinary to look at, these are truly the best Italian pizzas in Brussels !
  • Situated in Brussels’ heart, near the law court and the 2 Sablons, Les petits oignons is brasserie class; the interior makes us think of a Parisian brasserie. The food is very good. Big crush for the waterzooi and the sole. The only negative point is the professional but a bit cold service.
  • Le ventre Saint-Gris is our favorite brasserie restaurant in Brussels. We ussually go there for the Thursday’s menu; every week a different theme,  with a starter, a main course  and a dessert + wine for 40€ ! The atmosphere is warm and the service very welcoming. It is the perfect place to go in family or with friends !

Hope you are going to try some ! For the pleasure of food, Alex & Emeline

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