Small tips when you travel by plan

Hello everyone, hope you are doing fine !

Small article to share some tricks to do when you travel by plan with, for example, a low cost company as Ryanair. Because of his greek origin, Alex and his family traveled a lot when he was child btw Belgium and Greece. They learned some interesting tips you may already know.

The first one, you can not bring liquid more than 100ml (3,4 oz) but you can bring FOOD. So each time we have to take plan now, we make sandwiches. First of all, it is much more tasty. Secondly it is much more cheaper than in the plan or at the airport and also, you clear out your fridge, so no more waste.

The second one, it is about the luggage you take with you in the cabin. We often saw people taking the plan with Ryanair (which makes pay extra for a bigger bag) with only one small cabin bag. To avoid the extra cost, we travel with a small cabin suitcase and each of us, takes a second big bag; as for example a large Herschel bag back (to give you an idea of size). These 2 bags are more than enough for a week !

We also never pay the extra to choose the seat. We always find kind people to change with us the seats. It is another way to no loose poorly money.

The third tip, if you have a Netflix account, you can install the app to your phone which allows you to download movie and TV shows on it!! Which is great to spend time in plane without TV.

We know this article may seems ridiculous for some who knows already those precious informations. For my part, I didn’t know it before and it really changed my way to travel!

With kindness, Alex and Emeline

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