Best Burgers in Town

For our second article, we would like to tell you about our other passion; food & eating ! The pleasure of table for both of us comes from our respective family. They taught us to savor and take time to share meals together.

Currently living in Brussels for 5 years, we would like to share our top 5 of places to eat a basic but nevertheless delicious burger and its french belgian fries.

  1. Burger Republic is, for us, the best place to eat burgers in Brussels. We like the meat, 100% beef Irish Black Angus, very tasty and cook perfectly. And the handmade buns are just as delicious. The place is also very cosy. If you want to try, we advice you to reserve a table.
  2. Les Super Filles du Tram is a cool place to bring friends. The burgers are good, original & you have a burger of the week. What we love the most about this place is the atmosphere. It is loud, colorful and the best place to have a good time.
  3. Be Burger is the “classy” place to eat burger. Best place, for us, to have a date. What we really like is the originality and the history of the recipe. Each burger represents and has been inspired by a city.
  4. Manhattn’s Burger is fast and good. If you need a quick and tasty lunch is the place for you. We often take the “Gatsby” with the truffle mayo. So goooood !
  5. Ellis Gourmet Burger is the first place where we went to eat a burger in Brussels. The meat burgers are excellent but also their Veggie Gourmet Burger. The Portobello is our heart stroke.

Hope this information will be useful for you !

Write with love, Alex & Eme

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